Samsung to reveal Galaxy Tab 11.6?

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range is set to get even more exciting with a 11.6 inch Galaxy Tab. The tablet could actually make its debut at the Mobile World Congress next month. The tablet might also feature a 2 GHz processor and 2560 x 1600 WXQGA resolution. While we wait with hands on our hearts for the S III, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 s what we might end up seeing.


This also raises a question: How big a tablet do we really need? Is  10.1-inches enough or should we dare to go bigger? Personally, I think if tablets are to replace laptops ever, they would need apart from a great OS, a keyboard and at least a 13-inch/15-inch screen.

Samsung is one of the brands, which loves to go big. What we have already seen with Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note might also be applied to the Galaxy Tab. Samsung has already done many things out of the ordinary. It aims to break the size brackets of 7 inches and 10.1-inches that the tablet market has developed into.

We believe that Samsung’s innovative approach is what keeps us jumping with joy every time it does a big reveal. Rather than following the beaten path, Samsung always tries to do something different, which is what has set it apart from other smartphone manufacturers.