Samsung to roll out 5G services in 2020; test speeds touch 1 Gbps mark

While the world is still struggling with the roll out of 4G technologies, tech firms seem to be already taking the next step. Reports suggest that Samsung is developing 5G and it is super-fast.


According to reports from Samsung, its 5G technology would be ready by the year 2020. Just to give an insight to how fast it would be, Samsung showed in tests that it was already able to achieve 1 Gbps speed which would still be further improved by 2020.

The 5G test were conducted over 28 GHz waveband where in real time signals were exchanged during the test. To reach the 1 Gbps speed, 64 antennas were required during the test. Should this turn to reality, users would be able to download a full length film in just a second with data speed touching nearly 10 Gbps. We’re already looking forward to age of super-fast internet.