Signal, the messenger App which Edward Snowden uses daily, now available on Android

Open Whisper System’s Signal Private Messenger app has launched for Android. Signal isn’t just another app which lets you send messages and make calls. Rather, it’s a very secure app which does so by securing all your communications. The security measure taken are so impressive that even Edward Snowden promoted the launch of this app with a tweet.available



Now there are so many apps available on both the Android and iOS devices, Signal deserves special attention and stands out from the rest as Open Whisper Systems has made all the source code available on GitHub. What difference does it make you ask? Well, making the source code available to all allows security experts to go through the code and review it. They actually can see if the app really provides the security to the users that they are claiming, which otherwise isn’t possible with other apps.

Even Edward Snowden can’t resist himself from promoting this app. Here’s the tweet:


You can download this app for Android from here.