Sony Ericsson to launch 6 new phones in India

sony-ericsson-logo  Sony  Ericsson has unveiled its six new phones, including smartphones, GreenHeart and affordable walkman phones. The Xperia X8, GreenHeart Cedar and Aspen, and Walkman phones – Yendo, Spiro and Zylo, the portfolio will soon be available India. Prices of these phone in India are not yet announced.
Take a peek at the new portfolio of Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 : It is equipped with 3 inch Capacitive touchscreen which supports 16,777,216 colors. Its user interface is similar to that of the Xperia X10 mini. The Xperia X8 also includes Timescape for easy access to all your social networking and the infinite button for one click access to a world of content. for more details click here

sony-ericsson-xperia-x8-front     sony-ericsson-xperia-x8-back

Sony Ericsson Cedar : This 3G enabled phone has a 2.2 inches display and 2 MP Camera. It comes under Sony Ericsson’s Green Heart Portfolio. For more details click here.

sony-ericsson-cedar-1      sony-ericsson-cedar-2

Sony Ericsson Yendo : It has a 2.6 inch screen which supports 262,144 colors  and has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. Its overall dimensions are 93.5 x 52 x 15.8 mm and it weighs around 81 grams. For more details click here.


Sony Ericsson Aspen : Aspen comes under Sony Ericsson’s Green Heart Portfolio. It has a 2.4 inches display and 3.2 MP Camera. For more details click here.


Sony  Ericsson Zylo and Spiro : Sony Ericsson Zylo and Spiro are Walkman series phones . Both these mobile provides their users ability to use various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc at  a touch of a button while still listening to the music on the Walkman player. Another key function available on both phones is TrackID – which allows consumers to access the name and artist of a Zylotrack they hear playing wherever they are. This function has proved popular with music lovers world-wide with 129 million TrackID lookups in 2009 alone.