Speed Dots screen guard for iPhone help the visually impaired

Speed Dots a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of tactile screen protectors for use with the Apple line of products has come up with a custom screen overlay which provides guidance and facilitate navigation of touch screen devices by placing a single dot over each letter and control, making it easier for blind and visually impaired individuals using the Voiceover screen reader to orient and input text and access screen controls quickly and efficiently.

It is available for the iPod touch and iPhone and will be available for the iPad soon.

The following functions can be accessed:

Top Left: Back/Cancel
Top Right: Ok/Done
Below Ok: Add contact from address book in SMS/email
Top Center: Search/Heading/Safari address bar
Center of Screen: Number “5″ on the phone pad
Middle Right: Send button for text messages
Across the Bottom: 5 evenly spaced dots representing soft key functions
Lower Left: Shift
Lower right: Delete/Backspace