Tablets; Android inching closer, but Apple still confident

While Apple’s iPad still remains the king of the tablets three years after Apple introduced us to the almost mystical device called a tablet. In this time, Apple has released the next version of its famed tablet iPad – the iPad 2, while more Android tablets have emerged then we can count on our fingers.


When it comes to tablets, we have to give Apple credit as it not only launched the first popular tablet, it has actually maintained status quo as top contender by endowing its tablets with great features that anyone has hardly matched up. Android, on the other hand, has performed great as an open source software and bought tablets to the average consumers ranging from the Samsung Galaxy Tab to our very own Aakash tablet.

But Apple still maintains market supremacy at 57.6 percent, while Android is growing by leaps and bounds at 39.1%. The market is set to change even more dynamically when a new tablet OS – the Windows 8 is unveiled by the end of this year. Some other factors that will affect the tablet market are the expected release of the iPad 3 this year and Android’s latest OS – the Ice Cream Sandwich coming to tablets.

The tablet market, according to us has become an attractive mix of different competitors offering a lot of different features on their products. It is kind of sizzling now and we believe, the scene is about to get even better, with the unveiling of tablets like Amazon’s Hollywood, Asus Transformer Prime and even Aakash 2.

While that’s quite a load of statistics we have pushed to you, what we really are interested in knowing is who do you think is better? Why? Who would you vouch for? Which tablet are you waiting for? What features do you like? Do let us know.