The 6 Plus Battle: iPhone 6 Plus vs Honor 6 Plus

6 seems to be a lucky number for the smartphone industry. Whether it is Apple, Samsung or Huawei, all of them have a 6th generation phone out, with an accompanying sibling along. Today, we are deviating from the flagships and concentrating on the siblings. Yes, you read it right – we are comparing two phones with similar nomenclature – the iPhone 6 Plus against the Honor 6 Plus to find out which 6 Plus will give you the best value for your money.


Well, we haven’t lost it actually, but the the iPhone 6 Plus is definitely up there in the list of expensive phones, while Huawei has tried its best to give you more than just value for your money – it has truly tried to revamp the way mid-range phones offer stuff. Where both phones come together is that both are big and something different from the usual – we never expected such a big phone from Apple, while Huawei actually swayed us by surprise by showing off the dual camera.

Well, let’s cut to the chase and find out how both the phones compare with each other.

iPhone 6 Plus: Key specs and features

The most important thing about the iPhone 6 Plus was that it actually represented a change in ideology for Apple. By introducing a 5.5-inch phone, the company finally joined the mainstream of the smartphone industry and also gave people who love both Apple and big screens a reason to smile.  This is, indeed, Apple’s phablet.


In terms of hardware, the iPhone 6 Plus never felt like a typical Apple phone, in terms of hardware – it is definitely a big phone, which my tiny hands felt weird to hold. That being said, it is extraordinarily thin at 7.1mm. The phone is entirely made of Aluminum, apart from the shatter free display. It surprisingly beats many other phones in handling, as you an easily fit it in your pocket despite its size.


The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a Retina HD display – a full HD display with 401 ppi display density. Despite the big screen, the clarity of this phone is extraordinary and delightful.


In terms of software, the iPhone 6 Plus comes with iOS 8.1 on board. Apple has put in bigger icons and utilized the real estate on the display well. The design is flat, third-party keyboards are supported, while new features include a revamped camera, apps, health related features and Apple Pay.


Apple has added a Health Kit, which has almost everything you can think of, health wise. All medical data can be fed into your phone and might become helpful in the future. If you happen to be a fitness freak, it will definitely delight you.

Apple Pay, on the other hand, lets you pay for stuff easily. You can avoid queues and simply conduct transactions via NFC.


As for the camera, the iPhone 6 Plus has an 8-megapixel snapper at the back. The level of detail is pleasing to the eye, although sometimes, the color coordination is a bit off. Optical Image Stabilization is there, along with fast autofocus. It is a good camera, but nothing out of the world.

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 64-bit A8 chipset under the hood. Connectivity is good on the phone.

In totality though, my analysis would be that the iPhone 6 Plus is more expensive than it deserves to be. I don’t really blame Apple for its pricing, but, come on, the price tag, moves the phone away from the common man’s reach, which is sad. It’s a big phone for those with big pockets.

Honor 6 Plus

The Honor 6 Plus, just like the iPhone 6 Plus, picks up the mantle from its well performing sibling. The Honor 6 is both competition and inspiration for the Honor 6 Plus. The Honor 6 Plus has inherent similarities with the Honor 6, both in terms of hardware and software. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Honor 6 Plus has taken all the good points of the Honor 6 and added to them.


In terms of hardware, the Honor 6 Plus has a smooth design. It is plastic all over, but doesn’t have the ‘cheap plastic’ feel to it. It has a 7.5 mm thickness to it, making it neither too thick, nor too thin. The plastic bod makes it pretty light for its size, coming in at 165g.

The Honor 6 comes with a 5.5-inch full HD display with a 401ppi display density – a surprise for its price tag. The display is suave, smooth and more importantly pretty damn clear. It has good viewing angles.


In terms of software, the Honor 6 Plus comes with Android 4.4.2 on board. But, the Honor 6 Plus is more a marvel of the Emotion UI than of Android. It has inherited that amazing wallpaper playback from the Honor 6 and also, the lockscreen shortcuts, which are a convenience. Some new features have also been added, such as a smart controller, which lets you use the phone as remote and much more. You can also backup your stuff and encrypt the backup.


But, where the Honor 6 shines is the camera app. It is an easy to use camera app, but has so much to offer that you might fall in love with it. It has an amazing feature, called the wide aperture – this feature lets you shoot at varying apertures, which gives you a DSLR-esque shot.


The dual 8-megapixel cam at the back is the highlight of the Honor 6 Plus. It performs amazingly well, gives great, detailed shots and doesn’t flinch with light interference.

In terms of battery life too, the phone acts amazingly well. Despite all it offers, battery life is never an issue with the Honor 6 Plus. It has a slugger of a battery inside and last really, really long. Along with that, an ultra power saving mode, shuts down all the riff raff to get you the juice, when you really need it.

Overall, the Honor 6 Plus does really earn the stripes off being one of the best value for money phones in its price range. It is pretty impressive in all respects and definitely worth the hype.


Both 5-inchers are aimed at different markets, yet, we still very much consider, Apple the benchmark for the industry, and hence, it becomes necessary to see how your phone stands in front of an Apple iPhone.

Well, the Honor 6 Plus definitely has some delights up its sleeve. We are seriously enthused by its overall performance in every department. While in terms of looks, Apple remains Apple and given the price tag, does trump the Honor 6 Plus, the Honor 6 Plus strikes back with a vengeance.

In terms of the display, both the iPhone 6 Plus and Honor 6 Plus have the same display density, but despite the Retina HD tag, the iPhone 6 Plus display is what I would call above average, but still not mind boggling good.

The Honor 6 excels in the display department, thanks to the elegant UI.

In terms of software, both stand out. Apple has many add on features, which most of us in India might never use. It is definitely the usual Apple treat, but nothing more than that. But, the Honor 6 really kills it with its camera app and varying aperture.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus


Honor 6 Plus

Well, the camera is where the real fight happens. The Honor 6 Plus is definitely one of the few smartphone cameras, that can give, even an iPhone a run for its money. The level of detail is great, the colors are great and this is one time, that the concept has really worked – the dual 8-megapixel snappers do beat the iPhone’s rear cam, something that will have many Apple fanboys bamboozled.

In terms of battery life too, the Honor 6 Plus simply trumps the iPhone 6 Plus.

Overall, the Honor 6 Plus has definitely impressed and value for money wise, delivers much more for every penny than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.