TigerBot, the newest Android malware can be controlled from a remote location

If you ask us what’s new today, we’ll say nothing, as we have yet another discovery of a serious malware over the Android platform and hey we are now habitual to them. Aren’t we? 


Again this time it is NQ Mobile which has come across the malware in question called the TigerBot. This malware is actually circulating via non-official Android channels and is specially made for Android’s SMS, i.e. it spreads via SMS. The TigerBot’s functioning is quite different from regular malwares as it hides into the compromised device is the form of legit apps like Flash or System.

Now the interesting thing is that once the malware successfully installs into the device, it can be controlled from the remote location to follow the following commands:
  • Record the sounds in the phone, including the phone calls and surrounding sounds.
  • Change the network setting.
  • Upload the current GPS location.
  • Capture and upload the image.
  • Send SMS to a particular number.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Kill other running processes.
Thus TigerBot is actually a serious malware as it goes on to breach into the privacy of any user and can be controlled from an external source. Now how can you save yourself from getting infecting by it? Well it’s very ‘Simple’.

  • Only download applications you trust and from trusted sources, reputable application stores, and markets.
  • Always check the reviews, ratings and developer information before downloading any apps. 
  • Never accept application requests from unknown sources. 
  • Have a trusted Anti-Virus for your device which you are sure can scan through all the installations and other happenings in your device. 
  • And last but not the least, Be alert. 
So next time you approve any request by any app, thick twice and do have an anti-virus installed.