TRAI to check service quality of global SIM card companies

Even as TRAI has been unable to get the Indian telecom operators to abide by the standards set by the regulator, it has expressed concern for the service offered by global SIM card companies.


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked the global SIM card companies to explain the reason for the poor service. The body was of the opinion that Indian subscribers of the global SIM card companies faced inconvenience when travelling abroad due to poor service offered by these companies.

According to TRAI, nearly half of the subscribers of the global SIM card companies surveyed complained of unsatisfactory service quality. Some of the consumers felt that it worked partially while others claimed that it did not work at all.

Based on the feedback received from the customers, TRAI reached out to 8-9 companies including Matrix, Uniconnect and Oneworld Teleservices. The companies have been asked to check their records, analyse the issue and revert with their responses over the next few days.

TRAI said that it may have to recommend tightening of service quality measures around international SIM card and global calling cards sold in India. The regulator may also consider mandating a 24-hour call centre or even recommend refunds of payments.