TRAI rejects operators demand to levy charges on Whatsapp and other messengers

While there have been rumours indicating that the telecom operators are conniving with the TRAI to impose charges on apps like Whatsapp, the body has outright rejected the proposal.


According to sources, the TRAI has rejected the proposal of telecom operators to make over-the-top service providers like whatsapp, Viber and Skype. The operators had stealthily suggested that the regulatory body and the telecom operators can share the charges levied to make up for the losses caused by such service providers.

The Indian telecom operators claim that due to the wide-spread popularity of the over-the-top service providers like whatsapp, Viber and Skype, they are suffering losses to the tune of Rs. 5000 crores annually as people tend to use these apps instead of the regular operator calls and SMS services. However, now that the TRAI has clearly rejected the proposal, heavy Whatsapp users can breathe a sigh of relief!