How to translate image text using your smartphone [Android Guide]

We live in a world which consists of a total population of more than 7 Billion. And, that population of more than 7 Billion speaks around 6500 languages. Growing economy and advancements in technology has reduced this large planet of ours into a global village.


Language spoken by a person or a community changes as soon as you move from one place to another. Leave the difference in language spoken by two different countries, the accent of a language (if not the entire language) changes as soon as you move from one area of a city to another.

Now imagine if you are travelling to a different country for attending a conference or just for vacation. If you don’t speak or understand the local language of that country, it becomes very difficult to communicate. If you come across some sign boards which are in different language, you will never figure out what it means if you don’t know that language. Hence, we show you how to translate image text using your Android smartphone. Read on.

How to translate image text using your Android smartphone

Step 1: First, download the Google Translate app from Google Play Store. As soon as you open the Google Translate app, you will notice two drop-down menus. One is for source language and the other is for the resultant language.


I would like to translate English into Hindi. So I kept English as the source language and selected Hindi from the drop-down menu provided at right side. After that, tap on the camera icon.

Step 2: As soon as you tap on the ‘camera icon’, the camera will open. Tap on the ‘image icon‘ provided at the bottom-left of the camera app and then select the image you want to convert the text of.


Step 3: As soon as select the image, the app will scan the selected image for text. After that, you can either select the text you want to translate individually or tap on the ‘Select All’ option to translate the entire text in the image.


You can see the selected text in the grey colored text box whereas the translated text will be shown in the white colored text box below.


Alternate Method

You can also instantly translate the text using this app. Let’s translate English into Spanish this time.

Step 1: Select the language from the drop-down menus and then tap on the ‘camera icon‘.


Step 2: Once again, the camera app of Google Translate will open. Tap on the ‘eye icon’ provided at the bottom-right corner along with the flash icon. This will translate the text instantly without having to capture an image and perform the method shown above.


Now point the camera towards the text you want to translate. As soon as you point the camera, the text will be translated instantly.

English text translated into Spanish language

You can also download the language packs for faster translation.

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