Twitter #music launched for iOS, web; Android ignored

Entering the mobile music domain, twitter launched its music streaming service exclusively for iOS and the web, ignoring the Android platform.


The new Twitter #music, which is currently available as an iOS and a web app, creates a social network for music lovers to listen to trending hits, discover new artists and get crowd-sourced recommendations. The app is divided into four tabs which show the Popular songs, the Emerging tracks, the Suggested songs and #NowPlaying, which shows the songs your twitter friends are listening to.

Though the app doesn’t host its media collection, it uses the extensive libraries from Spotify and Rdio, which need the users to register into their respective accounts. A small 30 seconds preview to songs is provided through iTunes. There are dedicated buttons for Tweet, play/pause and even an equalizer.

The Twitter #music has a good UI with deep integration into the social networking site, thus making it more reliable. It is quite shocking that twitter didn’t launch the app for Android phones too. You can download the Twitter #music app for iOS from the App Store.