Uninor celebrates its existing customers with ‘Ready..Set..Call’

uninor-logo  Uninor has launched a new scheme ‘Ready…Set…Call’ for its existing customers. This scheme allows existing customers to make calls and win between 100 and 1000 free local minutes everyday. The scheme is available for all customers to participate in 3 times everyday till July 26th 2010.  

Under the scheme, a customer receives an SMS with 3 call time slots during the day. The customer would need to call instantly at the start of the ‘call time’  hour to win. For eg : If a customer get an SMS with call time as 1:00 PM, the first 10 customers who make a call get to win FREE minutes. Uninor’s existing customers can participate as many times as they want.

Each day, the top 10 instant callers will win for every ‘call time’ hour. Since there are 3 time slots wherein one can participate in, there will be 30 winners each day. The minutes will be credited to the winners within 48 hours.  All early callers will be selected basis the system time and in case of multiple eligible customers, random selection process will be adopted. The customers can call TOLL-FREE number 50001, to know the results for the day. The winners will be also communicated through a SMS from Uninor.