How to Unlock Android Smartphone Automatically [Guide]

Now you unlock Android smartphone automatically without entering the PIN or password lock. Entering a password gets darn annoying if you are using your smartphone every now and then. Protecting your smartphone is one thing, but when you are at a place that doesn’t require protection, it should be disabled by itself. Nobody likes to enter a password or PIN to unlock the phone. You’ve kept it only for safety purposes.


However, what happens when you are at a safe location let’s say your home where you don’t need to enter a password? Sometimes you aren’t concerned about security at such places. It happens to you that you are at your trusted place where nobody plays with your smartphone, so you can safely unlock it without bothering to enter passwords. In this guide, we will help you to unlock Android smartphone automatically and remove the password that you have set when it is safe.

Unlock Android Smartphone Automatically

Android comes with a secret feature called ‘Smart Lock’ that allows you to setup the phone’s lock in a way that you can control it when you move to certain defined locations and trusted nearby devices.


Note: Smart Lock is an added feature in the Android Lollipop, so peeps who have older versions, Smart Lock won’t work. Update your device and see if your smartphone manufacturer provides latest software updates.

Step 1: Open Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock and see the options Trusted devices and Trusted places. These two options can unlock Android smartphone automatically without requiring you to enter a password or PIN.



I used a stock Android device and your phone may have a different setting depending upon the manufacturer.

How to setup Trusted devices and Trusted Places?

Step 2: Tap Trusted devices and add a trusted device. There are two types of devices you can add, one is NFC and other is Bluetooth. If you want to add a Bluetooth device such as your computer, pair with your computer and add to the trusted device. You can add multiple devices. I have added my PC as a trusted devices. Furthermore, NFC devices can be added as well.


To add location as a trusted place, tap on Trusted place and add a new location that is safe for you to keep your device unlocked with a password or PIN. Choose the desired place and tap ‘Select this location‘ below.


Now whenever your phone is connected to the trusted devices or located at a trusted place, the password will be gone and you can unlock with just a swipe without entering the password or PIN.

What other things you can do with Smart Lock? You can set up face recognition using the third option ‘Trusted face’. Add your face and unlock the phone with your own face. This option is quite less secure and a person who looks exactly like you can unlock it no matter.

Also, check how to view notifications without unlocking the smartphone.

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