Videos on the N8

The fun part about playing videos on the N8, is something called HDMI. What it basically means it that both the sound and the image, go out the same port, the HDMI port in this case.
Now just attaching the N8 to the HD screen is not enough. What you should also do, is download an application from the Ovi Store called Nokia Bigscreen. Now this is where your phone truly comes alive.

Not only does Nokia Big Screen come with a media player to play all your music movies and pictures on the HD screen directly, it also provides the option of using a remote control like the Nintendo Wii remote or other remote controls like the PS3 remote, or a Bluetooth Keyboard(because, if you haven’t figured it out already, these all work on Bluetooth).
Another interesting thing is that it has a great screensaver option, which automatically goes through your pictures on the phone, so if you got some pictures you don’t want the others to see, I suggest you don’t leave the application idle for too long.

Since the HDMI cord has audio and video, you will get the audio directly from the T.V. However, in case you want an independent output, I suggest you try the F.M. transmitter again, and use the radio to catch the audio output. With regard to taking videos, the only issue here is that the flash will not come on during recording, so make sure you have ample light during recording. Video quality is damn good, as long as you keep the setting on high. Don’t forget, that since you are recording in HD, the size of the videos are huge, like around 18MB for a 20 second clip, so be careful about uploading, preferably over an unlimited broadband connection. And yes, you can directly upload videos through Youtube.

Another interesting application is Qik and the new application made famous by Shaq’s retiring video, but for nothing fancy, Youtube is just about right. One thought, though. Try to not actually start taking videos of people in the beginning, unless you shooting another wedding or birthday party. Also, try to limit your videos to around twenty seconds in length, so that you actually are able to find something worth filming, and then with experience, increase this time gradually. But since you are filming on a phone, twenty seconds is all the viewer time you will ever get.