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A visit to Gionee Industrial Park in China


A few weeks back I got a chance to visit that Chinese mobile brand’s manufacturing plant, which changed perception of Indians for Chinese Mobile brands. Earlier it was perceived that Chinese smartphone brands are cheap and unreliable, however Gionee entered the Indian market and provided Indian consumers with good quality smartphones and earned their trust.

It was my second visit to any mobile manufacturing plant, my first visit was at Nokia’s factory in Sriperumbudur. Compared to Nokia’s factory in Sriperumbudur, the Gionee’s Industrial Park is massive with an area of 330,000 square meters. Currently Gionee can produce up to 60 million phones per year, however this capacity can be increased to 80 million units. There are around 20,000 people working for Gionee at its Headquarter and it has around 40,000 people working globally. Gionee’s R&D staff strength is about 1400.

Check out the pics of the Gionee’s manufacturing facility.

Gionee Factory 02

Gionee Factory 05 Gionee Factory 09 Gionee Factory 17 Gionee Factory 18

Gionee Factory 19 Gionee Factory 20 Gionee Factory 22 Gionee Factory 23 Gionee Factory 24 Gionee Factory 25 Gionee Factory 26 Gionee Factory 27 Gionee Factory 28

Gionee Factory 29 Gionee Factory 31 Gionee Factory 32 Gionee Factory 33 Gionee Factory 35 Gionee Factory 36 Gionee Factory 37 Gionee Factory 49 Gionee Factory 43

Gionee Factory 78 Gionee Factory 77 Gionee Factory 73 Gionee Factory 71 Gionee Factory 70 Gionee Factory 65

I also got a chance to interact with Gionee’s President, William Lu and Gionee’s India head, Arvind Vohra and got some insights about Gionee’s plans for India for the year 2015. While there has been news that Gionee plans to have a manufacturing plant in India soon, but what I learnt is that they are facing some issues with Government policies, though I couldn’t get clarity on what policy is actually acting as a hindrance for them, the other reason was the eco-system, which basically means the lack of vendors to provide the required components. But, they are working on it and if it works well, they will be here soon. We interacted on various topics including wearable market, which is one of the emerging markets. In the year 2015 one can expect better wearables. Gionee also plans to enter this market and will launch its wearables in this year. As far as the Indian market goes, it plans to have 10,000 branded shops in this year.

PS: Gionee impressed us with its E7 last year and we got to know that it will reveal E8 during MWC 2015.

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