Vodafone launches Deals and Discounts for Delhi subscribers

Getting personalized offers for their customer’s, Vodafone launched new value added services for their subscriber’s in Delhi.


The new value added services introduced for customer’s in Delhi only include ‘My Deals’ and ‘My Discounts’ which include a host of daily discount vouchers on food, beauty, travel and health by the means of an SMS.

Subscribers who opt for the My Deals will receive two daily discounts vouchers of food, beauty, travel and health through SMS for a monthly rental of Rs. 30 per month. Similarly customers who avail the My Discounts will receive daily alerts of two discount vouchers of food, beauty, travel, health at Rs 49/ month.

Vodafone subscribers can activate the My Deals by dialing *778# and the My Discounts by dialing *777#. Also customers can also buy two deals free from my delight menu by simply dialing *111# / *444# / *121#.