Vodafone offers upto 55% discount on International roaming rates while in South Africa

champions-trophy-vodafone  Vodafone today announced significant reduction in Voice, SMS, and GPRS rates for its customers traveling to South Africa during the ICC Champion’s Trophy 2009 tournament.  Vodafone Essar is offering these special rates in partnership with Vodacom, a leading South African mobile services provider and part of the Vodafone.

Vodafone Essar’s customers can select Vodacom as their default network while roaming in South Africa during Champion’s Trophy and enjoy upto 54% discount on calls, SMS and GPRS services. As a part of this special offer customers can make local calls at Rs 12.60/min and calls to India and other countries at Rs. 34.80/minute. All incoming calls will be charged at Rs.  12.60/min and SMS would be charged at Rs 7 /sms, which are special discounted rates during the tournament. Special benefits would also be extended to GPRS users who get 55% discount on the data usage with a minimal charge of Rs. 2.50 per 10kb of data usage.

The discounts on Voice, SMS and Data are applicable for Vodafone Postpaid customers and discounts on only voice and SMS are applicable for Prepaid customers till 12th October 2009.  

Offer Highlights

  • Local outgoing at Rs. 12.60/min – a 40% discount
  • International outgoing at Rs. 34.80/min – a 40% discount
  • Incoming calls at Rs. 12..60 /min – 54% discount
  • SMS at Rs. 7/sms – a 53% discount
  • GPRS services at Rs. 2.50/10kb of data – a 55% discount