Vodafone technology head claims that there is no burning need of 4G in India

In what come as a startling surprise to many, the technology head of Vodafone feels that there is no immediate need of 4G in India.


According to Vishant Vora, director of technology, Vodafone, there is no burning need for 4G in India as 3G is sufficient for the current market. Justifying his statements, he said that customers only want a good experience and don’t really care for 3G or 4G, neglecting the very fact that 4G is capable of providing speeds ten times greater than the 3G speeds. He however was quick to add that the company studying 4G and assessing best places to set up networks when the time comes.

Vishant Vora, however, rightly pointed out that 3G, which has just started picking up in the last year, was not singly responsible for the data usage. It in fact promoted 2G data with an intense 60 percent yearly growth in usage. So obviously the major factor is the pricing of the data services and the availability of 3G-enabled handsets.

While to a certain extent he may be right about India not being ready for 4G, he needs to consider the fact that technological advancements like these help the services and the people to reach greater heights. With the advent of 4G in India, customers are expected to get speeds of up to 150 Mbps (theoretically at least).