8 most commonly used voice commands for Android

Picking up the phone and doing a task you are supposed to do with your hands is quite unusual and a time-consuming process when you know you can do it without lifting a finger to interact with the device. Just like Apple’s Siri, Android has Google Now that can be used for voice commands to interact with your phone and do various task based on your voice input.


How does Google Now voice command work

Almost all the devices based on Android have a small microphone icon on the homescreen along with a big search bar. Tap the icon to open a voice search and speak the command you likely want to speak about and Google Now will take care of the rest. If you do not find it on the homescreen, then open Google Now app from the Google folder. It can also be accessed by long pressing the home button or swiping the home button up if the buttons are on the display.

Samsung devices have an S-Voice app that accepts voice commands. If you own a Moto X device like me, then you are aware of its Touchless Controls that does all kinds of tasks without having to touch the phone with hands.


If you are using your phone for sending messages, finding a place to eat pizza, setting up alarms or events in the calendar, or simply making calls by interacting your phone a few times with your fingers, then you will be definitely surprised to know that it much easier with Google Now voice commands. So, we have gathered 8 most commonly used voice commands for Android devices. These voice commands are used in our day-to-day life. Here they are:

8 Most Commonly Used Voice Commands For Android You Should Know

Tap the mic button available on the homescreen to input the voice commands into Google now.

Make Calls

What’s easier than to make calls using your voice instead of searching the name and tap the number to call the person. Let your phone search the desired number and make a call for you.

Tap the mic and say the voice command.

Voice Command: “Call [Contact Name]”.


When you have multiple numbers, you can simply say “Call [Contact Name] Home” or “Call [Contact Name] Work” to specify the contact number you want to call. Pretty easy, eh?!

Send A Text Message

Just like making a call, you can also send text messages to your contacts without even typing.

Voice Command: “Text [Contact Name] [Message]”


Voice Command: “Text [Contact Name]”

and follow the steps from there.

Instance: “Text Divyang Hey whats up?”


Do not fret, Android knows how you speak and corrects your text by autocorrect. Adding periods and commas can also be done by speaking the same. Once your message is ready, say “Yes” to send.

Send An Email

Similar to the text messages, but you have the option to add a subject. It’s simple yet effective. You say the voice command to add the message and Boom! your email is sent. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

Voice Command (Long): Email [Contact Name] [Subject Name] [Message]


Voice Command (Short): Email [Contact Name]

and follow the steps.



Set An Alarm

If you are too lazy to set the alarms by yourself, let your phone do it for you, just say…

Voice Command: “Set Alarm For [Time]”

Instance: “Set Alarm For 6AM”

Once you know how to set alarms on Android. You will make the most out of your Android. Similarly, you can set timers and reminders. You will figure this out by yourself.


Launch An App

If you can’t find an app you have installed, you can find it with voice commands.

Voice Command: Launch [App Name]

Instance 1: Launch WhatsApp

Instance 2: Launch Facebook


Play Music

To play songs or music you have on your Android, simply say “play song” or “play music”

Voice Command: “Play Music”


Voice Command: “Play Song [Song Name]”

for a specific song that you want to play without being searching for yourself.


Check Weather

With Google Now, you can know the current weather conditions. Checking weather requires location services, so GPS on your device needs to be turned on.

Voice Command: What’s The Weather


Search The Web

While all the commands work perfectly, you can try a few commands by yourself and your Android device will search it on google providing you an information that you are looking for. Ask anything that you want to know, Google surely has an answer for that.


Give it a try and see how it goes. While these are the most common voice commands for Android which I know, there are lots of others out there. If you know any of them, share in the comments area so to let other people know about it.

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