What happens when you microwave a Sony Xperia Play?

There are many people around the world who go on to do some crazy stuff and also record them for the sake of memory and future. And then there are some who are more interested in seeing what happens when they ‘Microwave’ the things they love. The team behind dOvetastic Microwave Theatre, a professional microwave operator, are such people.

They love to microwave all things known to man, specially mobile phones. So they put a Sony Xperia Play into a microwave to see what the final outcome of this crazy experiment of theirs is.

The final outcome well as we all would expect are charred remains of the Xperia Play and a burnt microwave. To show us how the Xperia Play sparks, burns, blasts and what finally remains out of it, they recorded the whole ‘Microwaving’ and put it up come YouTube.

They have even gone on to frame the remains and put it up on eBay with an $888 price tag. We really wonder who would be interested in buying it. But on the other hand, we advice you PLEASE DON’T TRY ANYTHING LIKE THIS ANYWHERE.

Until then catch the Microwaving of the Xperia Play below.