WhatsApp processed 18 billion messages on New Year’s Eve, highest ever

In today’s world where we have an application for (almost) everything, the numbers play a vital role in suggesting how well an app is currently doing in the already crowded market. The Holiday season has just ended and WhatsApp has shared some interesting numbers with us.
According to WhatsApp, its users sent out 18 billion messages on the New Year Eve, of which 11 billion were outbound and 7 billion were inbound.


If you are wondering what is inbound and outbound messages and why there is a difference between the two, then WhatsApp explains that the difference in inbound and outbound is due to a group chat. Sending one message into the group chat of 10 people is 1:10 inbound:outbound.
The numbers are good enough to explain how popular WhatsApp is, even though the competition has increased with apps like Kik, BBM, Apple’s iMessage, WeChat and more. The main advantage for WhatsApp is the cross-platform presence of the app which makes it accessible to a larger number of users when compared to BBM and iMessage.
The last time we heard from WhatsApp officially, it had over 200 million users worldwide and now we expect that number to have risen to a good extent. Do you prefer WhatsApp for connecting with your friends and family?