WhatsApp starts rolling out Video Calling feature

While WhatsApp has been rolling out new features, the latest is now the Video Calling feature after the revolutionary Voice Calling feature.


WhatsApp has started rolling out the much-awaited video calling feature to all its users. The feature would be available to users on iOS, Android and Windows devices in the next few days. The feature allows you to make video calls to other WhatsApp users.

To use the new WhatsApp Video Calling feature, users need to hit the call button in the top right corner of a conversation, after which the user can choose between a voice and video call. Users can switch between the front and rear camera, even during the call.

While WhatsApp has already started rolling out the feature to its users, the rollout seems to be in a phased manner. As such it may take a day or two before the update reaches other users. Also, it is mandatory for both the users to have the video calling feature enabled to make the call.