Windows Phone 8.1 may not support old MicroSD cards

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its Windows Phone 8.1 update alongside some new Nokia Lumia handsets at the BUILD event happening soon. The update is not expected to be an incremental but a huge one bringing along features such as 1 minute live tiles. One feature that’s in the works is the ability to install apps right from the MicroSD card on a Windows device. However, it seems Windows Phone 8.1 will not support older MicroSD cards – it will require a class 6 SDHC at the very least and older, Class 4 memory cards might not be supported.


If you have been rocking an old MicroSD card for a few years, your Windows Phone might not accept it any more after the update. In fact, Microsoft recommends the more advanced Class 10 SDHC cards. You have a card that is fast enough, you will get the option to move your apps to the card. This will free up memory on the actual device and make it perform functions such as video playback much faster. On any device with 4.5-inch and up display size, you will also get ‘more tiles’ option.

Most Windows Phone 8 users should receive the Windows Phone 8.1 update within a couple of months after the official reveal.