Xiaomi introduces compact 10000 mAh power bank

While Xiaomi gained popularity with its 10400 mAh Power Bank, the company has now launched the compact version of the device.


Xiaomi has announced the launch of the new 10000 mAh power bank, which is the compact version of the 10400 mAh power bank that was launched last year. The company claims that the volume has been decreased by 21.4 percent making it lighter and the energy density is increased by 30 percent. The Power Bank has a 5.1V / 2.1A output.

The Xiaomi 10000 mAh power bank has a power button, battery level indicator LEDs, micro USB slot for charging the power bank and a standard USB slot for output. The company claims that the conversion rate of the power bank is 93 percent. The Power Bank is available in red, silver and champagne colours options and is priced at 69 Chinese Yuan. We can expect it to be launched in India later this year.