Xiaomi launches Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset with waterproof and sweatproof body

In a bid to make is safer and easier to answer calls while on the move, Xiaomi has now launched the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset.


Xiaomi has announced the launch of the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset, which is the company’s latest sports Bluetooth headset with a very light weight design. The headset has IPX4 ratings and is waterproof and sweatproof. The ear hook is made of flexible soft material making it convenient and comfortable to wear without any pain.

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset uses Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to devices and has a multi-point feature which allow you to connect to two devices and switch between them. The headset has an in-line button to accept calls and on-ear controls to adjust volume. The headset is priced at 149 (approx. Rs. 1500).