Yay! Native torrent client Beta available for Windows Phone 8 devices

Everyone who has ever used torrent swears by it for downloading movies, videos or pretty much anything. Torrent is definitely a boon for the layman – who can afford to purchase movies, songs, eBooks and programs at the exorbitant prices they are offered?


In case you have been sleeping under a rock and don’t know what we are talking about – here’s an explanation. A torrent download is a system of downloading via peer-to-peer networks. How it works is pretty simple. One person who starts a torrent possesses the original file. He then puts it out in the form of a torrent. Now, when somebody downloads the torrent, the download speed is determined by how many people are ‘seeding’ it i.e. lending it download support via their own network at that that time. The more people there are supporting a file, the better speeds you get in downloading the file.

Now, we have been using this system of downloading files on PC since but it has also started pouring on phones. While we have used it on Android smartphones, the beta for a native torrent app has just showed up on Windows Phone Central. If you have a Windows 8 phone and are interested in trying out the beta, just leave them a private message with your Live Account ID and they will hit you back with a download. Torrent downloading is the way to go for any smartphone, especially those big screen ones like the Lumia 920 or 520. Once you start using torrent to download on phone, you will forget all other ways of downloading. It is just too convenient and sometimes even faster than direct downloads. Here’s a link to their page.

Thanks Ayush for the tip!