3,600 iPad Minis worth $ 1.5 million stolen from JFK International Airport

According to a report in The New York Post, 2 thieves stole iPad Minis worth $1.5 million from New York’s JFK International Airport back on Monday night.


The well-coordinated heist took place as the criminals arrived in their white tractor trailer, loaded two pallets of iPad Minis which accounted to 3,600 Minis and left the warehouse when an Airport worker confronted them.

The New York Post reports:

The crooks arrived at Building 261 around 11pm in a white tractor trailer marked with the name CEVA on the side, according to the sources. They pulled up to the side of the airport building that faces onto a street and has less security than the other side, which is accessible from the airport tarmac.

Sources believe someone let them into the area and then let them out after they grabbed the iPads.

They grabbed about 3,600 of the minis that were being shipped by a company called Cargo Airport Services, which said the iPads had just arrived from China and were destined for locations around the US.

There were three more pallets of iPad Minis which could have been stolen but some worker interrupted the thieves and they left. An inside hand is definitely not being ruled out.
It is still not clear as to which model of iPad Minis were stolen but as the LTE variant of the Mini is about to be available to users, there is a strong possibility that they might be the ones which are gone!