360-Degree Live Wallpapers for LG G5 announced

The LG G5 was unveiled at MWC 2016 along with its friends like the LG 360 VR, LG 360 CAM and LG Rolling Bot to name a few. Now, as an indirect promotion of the 360 CAM, LG has announced the 360-Degree Live Wallpapers for the G5.


With this 360-Degree Wallpaper feature, users can set spherical images as the background image on the home screen of their LG G5. You can see the background coming to life when the phone is moved or you swipe the display.

These spherical wallpapers are available for download on LG SmartWorld. The LG G5 users will have free access to these kind of wallpapers which are taken by professional photographers. There will be 12 photographs available on LG SmartWorld initially with addition of four new images every month from May to November.

The G5 is designed to deliver a playful mobile experience to customers and 360-degree imagery is a key part of that experience.” said Chris Yie, Vice President and Head of Marketing Communications for LG Mobile Communications Company.

360-degree photography is still in its early stages but we believe it will drive adoption of VR innovation in the mobile space.” Mr. Yie further added.

LG will avail the professionally photographed images between April and November in all the 69 countries which have the presence of LG SmartWorld. Interested users can head on to LG World for more details.