5 absolutely Amazing iPhone cases

When we start taking about crazy iPhone cases, we actually go crazy. This is one of those things where an exciting and incomparable range of stuff is available to choose from. A significant iPhone cases are almost wack-a-doodle ones and the people who created them left no bounds to their imagination. Unlike Google, Apple lets out less number of phones and because of its significant market shares, these designers get a better target group for their iPhone and the iPhone also seems the kind of hip product that would go with all these wacky covers.

After that, explanation, we present to you, without further ado,  5 absolutely whack iPhone cases.

Opena iPhone case: The Opena case is designed for the times when you can sit back with a beer and chill out with your iPhone. Why not? It comes with a bottle opener along with the case. The makers call it ‘the most functional iPhone case’. It is designed for those times when you go mad at your boss a just want to sit back and sip. Its common sense that even if you raid the fridge for a beer, you might not have an opener. Why not just put one in your iPhone case? Because besides protecting your iPhone, this case will also protect other people from your mood swings.
In other words, it is an ‘eye opener’.


3D Printed skull iPhone case: Trying to look grungy? This iPhone case will help you with that. It is a complete scare fare with an embedded skull at the back. Besides protecting you iPhone, it will also protect your from an evil eye and up your style factor. It is not just any skull either – this is an inspiration from Hugo Arcier’s Degeneration series and is created based on a faces reducing algorithm. You can choose your own skull and add your personal text to the iPhone cover. They will 3D print it and ship you the case.

Vintage TV iPhone case: Remember those TVs from back in the 90s? Yes, the ones which boasted of only a few channels and you had to adjust the antenna and what not to get a good cable feed. Those were the times and that was the idiot box we were addicted to back then. Why not relive those memories via an iPhone case that looks like a total retro TV? Kudos to the makers, because this aby is unique and exceptionally cool. It is a silicone (or should we say silly cone) case, complete with a matt finis at the back.


‘Nokia’ iPhone case: Confused by the name? This iPhone case gives a shout out to all our Indian peeps who are still nostalgic about those great Nokia phones from another era along with all the Nokia 3300 memes we see on Facebook. The case will make you iPhone look like a vintage Nokia phone from the back, while it works like an iPhone from the front.  Wacky, right?


ADAPPT  XT  multi-tool iPhone case: after hordes of apps, tons of functions and features, do you still find that your iPhone is lacking something? How about  Swiss knife functionality?
This case is made  of poly carbonate and while protecting your iPhone from drops and scratches it also provides you with a screw driver, a bottle opener, a 10 piece wench set, a ruler and also the blade which makes it double up as a self-defence weapon.