5 million downloads a day from Nokia’s Ovi Store


Nokia’s App Store or the Ovi Store has reached new heights. They now have 5 million downloads per day which is a growth of 8 times over the last year. Although the company looks under trouble with their Symbian Plaform, the increasing number of downloads is surely going to be a boost for them. There has been an increase in the demand of applications and the catalogue has seen 40,000 new apps. The latest Symbian^3 devices account for 15% share in the daily app downloads. The Series 40 platform phones have gained 35% growth in downloads for Series 40 devices in the last two months, making up about a quarter of the total downloads all thanks to the Ovi Store which is not limited to Symbian apps anymore.

“As consumers continue to download Ovi Store content with increasing frequency, developers have an immediate opportunity to reach consumers worldwide and capitalize on the approximately 150 million Symbian devices we plan to ship in the coming years.This momentum continues to demonstrate consumers’ appetite for Nokia’s global and locally relevant apps, and will help us plan the future apps store experience for improved and new Symbian devices, as well as Nokia smartphones based on the planned collaborative opportunities with Microsoft,” said Tero Ojanpera, Nokia’s Executive Vice President of Services and Developer Experience.

With the announcement of 2 new devices (X7 and E6) and the new PR2.0 update, better known as Symbian Anna, things look good for Symbian and Nokia.