Rumors not true, says Datawind CEO; Aakash 2 tablets to be shipped soon

After initial claims that the fate of Aakash tablets is uncertain and the Government saying failure in production, CEO of Datawind in an official communique released the update on the status of Aakash 2.


As per Mr Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind, the Aakash 2 tablets are being delivered. As of now, 17,100 devices have been delivered to IIT-Bombay and paid for whereas 29,400 devices are in transit to IIT-Bombay through our logistics company and shall be delivered in the next few days. Besides this 23,500 devices are manufactured and at sub-contract manufacturers, pending shipment (upon payment for the 29,400 units)

 He claimed that there are still another 30000 units for which he mother boards including touch screens and all other components are manufactured, and final assembly is being completed, which is expected within the next couple of weeks.

He claimed that the delay was due to the verifications process that Customs needed to conduct on the Exemption Certificates for certain components issued by IIT-Bombay. Claiming that the Aakash2 project was a matter of national importance for India and a matter of international pride, he said that the company would make all possible efforts to ship the tablets before March 31.