Get easy access to your Android internal storage from PC wirelessly

It is easier to access and transfer data to your Android smartphone with USB cables but what happens if you don’t have a USB cable with you or when you are too lazy like me to connect a USB cable and access the storage. You want an easy alternative, eh? What if I told you that you can now access and transfer data wirelessly without the need of a USB cable. As you know how difficult it is to access the data on your Android device when you don’t have a USB cable, I have found out a way to access Android storage from PC using Wi-Fi. Well, it’s the same as you are accessing your phone’s storage with a USB cable but the fact is there isn’t a USB cable actually involved but Wi-Fi.


While attaching a USB cable does the job pretty quick, there is another method you can try which I usually do. If you are using ES File Manager app on your Android device, you may or may not be aware of a feature that gives you the device’s storage access wirelessly if you are on the same Wi-Fi network. Read our guide to know how you can wirelessly access Android storage from PC without using any USB cables.

How to access Android storage from PC wirelessly

Step 1: Before getting started, I want you to install the app ‘ES File Manager’ which seems to be already known by you. If you have already installed, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Tap the three lines on the upper left corner to access the menu. You will see a few options such as Local, Library, Network, Tools. Tap the drop-down arrow to open the Network options.


Step 3: Touch the Remote Manager which manages your device via PC using FTP protocol. Turn on the Remote Manager service to setup a server address. Once you tap on it, you will get an FTP server address automatically.

With File Transfer Protocol (FTP), it is now easier for you to transfer files over a Wi-Fi network from a PC efficiently. The whole process is wireless and even better than those annoying USB cables. Although, the transfer speeds aren’t as fast as you get from USB connectivity, but it does impeccably if you want to transfer fewer size of files.



Step 4: Type the exact address on your Windows PC or Mac PC and press Enter. The server address must be typed in the address bar of the Explorer window. You will be taken to your phone’s storage and you can see all the files and folders just like you saw when you plug in with USB cable.



Now you can access or transfer anything to your phone wirelessly just as you do when you connect it with a USB. It is easier, at least, for me when my phone is lying somewhere in the room and I want to access its storage without running for a USB cable.

It only works if both the devices, Android and PC are on the same network. If you have any issues connecting, post it in the comments.

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