Access Facebook on your Reliance Mobile without any data charges (Free) using 0.facebook.com

reliance-mobile-facebookNow access Facebook without any data charge from your Reliance Mobile (GSM). Reliance Communications today announced that it is now offering its GSM customers free mobile browsing on the new 0.facebook.com site.

Facebook’s 0.facebook.com site is optimized for speed – it is a new faster, lightweight version of Facebook’s mobile site m.facebook.com. The site does not have graphics or photos and 0.facebook.com’s pages have been designed for performance on Reliance Communications network. Photos posted on Facebook are only one click away from 0.facebook.com. To view a photo a person only needs to click on a link to the photo and they will be prompted that they are leaving 0.facebook.com. Standard data charges will apply when a person leaves 0.facebook.com  to view photos.

As of now Reliance Mobile is offering the free access to 0.facebook.com for a period of 1 year. The length of the offer is at the discretion of Reliance Communications.

I have accessed facebook on reliance mobile. Here is how 0.facebook.com looks like.


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