Airtel hits 300 million customers milestone

Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator and the fourth largest in the world has just announced its latest milestone of crossing 300 million customers across all its operations.


The company now has over 300 million customers worldwide across its wide array of services like mobile, DSL and fixed line and DTH services. The last 100 million customers have joined the company in the last two years. Airtel reached 100 million customers in 2009 and 200 million customers in 2012 after starting its operations in 1995.

Airtel operates in 20 countries and covers 1.85 billion people across these countries. The telecommunications provider is the largest African telecom operator in terms of geographical footprint.

Mr. Gopal Vittal, Managing Director and CEO (India and South Asia) Bharti Airtel said, “This milestone underlines the strength of our operations, which is one of the largest on a global scale. It is also a tribute to the ‘Airtel’ brand which is trusted by customers in 20 countries, making it the largest global consumer brand out of India. Today, telecom is at the cusp of transformation, which, going forward will be driven as much by the force of technology as by the changing demographics in emerging markets across Asia and Africa. Accelerated data consumption by the youth is going to be the underlying story. I am confident that Airtel will continue to be at the forefront of this future growth story and continue to delight customers by adding value to their lives.”