Airtel is now offering the iPhone 4S on Pre-Order, starts at Rs. 44,500

We just bumped into Airtel’s website and found out that the recently launched Apple iPhone 4S is now available in pre-order. While this might be good news for some, but its a huge disappointment to many as the price of the handset is a bit too steep.


From the image you can see that the iPhone 4S 16GB version is for Rs, 44,500 and the 32GB version is for Rs. 50,900. The 64GB version is nowhere to be seen and we can only imagine how high the price for that might be (Rs. 55,000 maybe?).

There is a whole lot of smartphones out there offering better performance at half the price, so we personally think that the price is extravagantly high.

We’ll keep you updated on this, till then tell us what do you think about the prices. Justified?

Check out Airtel’s pre-order page over here.