Airtel launches international toll free services for the enterprise segment

Airtel has expanded its Premium International Toll Free services from 80 countries for its enterprise customers in India. These services enable enterprises to offer a convenient and cost effective way to their overseas customers, business partners and employees travelling abroad, to communicate with them, through an international toll free number. The call is free for the calling party as the cost of the call is borne by the “company”. The most significant benefit of this service for enterprises is that the cumulative billing is done in Indian rupees, instead of expensive foreign currencies, which is the case when calls are routed through international operators.
Bharti Airtel is offering two types of Premium International Toll Free Services – a) International InboundOutbound Toll Free Service – free phone access for callers in India to call international destinations. Toll Free Service – free phone access for global users to call into India and b) International.

Benefits for enterprises
Greater convenience for customers improves business opportunities and helps in brand building
No volume commitment required
Cost effective as Call rate and billing in INR instead of international currency
24×7 customer support
Robust and Enterprise grade service & Quality
Benefits for enterprise customers /partners/employees
Convenience of a single number access from any country
Toll Free access to reach India
Toll Free access for Airtel Subscribers in India to reach rest of world using Outbound ITFS
Enables customers to follow standard dial plan in their respective country, making it easy to remember