Airtel ready to rollout National Mobile Network Portability in India

Years after the Mobile Network Portability came into existence, Airtel has now taken to initiative to launch nationwide MNP.


Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of the National Mobile Number Portability in India. Using this feature, subscribers can now easily shift between States without having to change their mobile number. Further the customers can also avail the option of transferring their balance in prepaid or carrying forward their unbilled/billed amount in the case of post-paid while porting their number to the new city.

The procedure for National Mobile Number Portability would remain the same as the local MNP. Customers can just visit an Airtel outlet closest to their new place of residence and follow the Mobile Number Porting (MNP) process as advised. The customer can also specially request porting within Airtel’s network to be processed within 24 hours and free incoming on roaming once they raise a number portability request until it is processed

Speaking about the advancement, Ajai Puri, Director – Market Operations, said, “Today, not only has mobile phone become an essential part of our lives, the mobile number has equally become an indispensable identification for each one of us. With our complete readiness to launch National Mobile Number Portability, we aim to empower customers enabling them to retain this identity as they move across anywhere in the country. To facilitate a seamless transition we will also allow our customers to enjoy free incoming on roaming while their number portability request is being processed.”