Amazing Alex is coming soon to Windows Phone

It has been an extended wait for Windows Phone users as Rovio’s Angry Birds Space is yet to arrive on the platform even after assurance from the makers of the game that it’ll arrive on the WP device for sure. 


And yesterday Rovio launched its new franchise called the ‘Amazing Alex’ which is a physics based puzzle solving game.

The game is now available on the iOS and Android platform but with this Rovio has confirmed that the Windows Phone version would arrive soon along with the PC and MAC version later on.

Replying to a tweet, Amazing Alex’s official Twitter account said, ‘PC, Mac & Windows Phone versions are to come later, post launch.’
So this is indeed great news for all the Windows Phone users as they might finally be able to enjoy the game on their WP devices. We do not know if it is Nokia, because of which Rovio is taking all the pain of bringing its latest games to the Windows Phone or is the company finally seeing potential user base for its game.
Either way, it is the Windows Phone device owner who is at the gaining side. Are you waiting for the Amazing Alex and the Angry Birds Space?