An iPad 2 you cannot afford

An iPad 2 called the ‘Gold History Edition’ which has been designed by Stuart Hughes is one expensive gizmo for your pocket. Now this iPad 2 will have 2 spec-sheets for you. One will include your iPad 2 details, and one will include the materials out of which it is made of.

So let’s begin, it’s back is made out of 24k solid gold and the Apple logo on the back is studded with 53 12.5k flawless diamonds. The home button has been replaced with a single cut 8.5 karat flawless diamond inlaid in a platinum surround with 12 outer flawless diamonds. The frame around the display is made from Ammolite which is extremely rare and valuable gemstone, said to be 75 million years old and it also has shavings of a 65 million year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex’s thigh bone.

So what would you prefer?  A $400 iPad 2? Or this, the £5,000,000 version, which works just like a normal iPad 2?