An iPad app that serves unlimited beer [Video]

What do all the beer lovers want? Obviously unlimited supply of beer is all they wish. And how about an iPad app that serves you the unlimited keg of Munich’s best beer straight from the iPad to the glass? 


Well magician Simon Pierro made visitors to the world famous German “Hofbraeuhaus” believe that such an app did exist. He went to serve unlimited glasses to all the visitors who came into the store. 

But actually it is just a trick an illusion that takes over the iPad. But by the reactions of the visitors it seems that they are just blown away by the trick. One guy even went on to get the beer served straight into his mouth. 
All that Pierro did is attached a stick-on tap to the iPad and rest all is the illusion. But for all of those who keep an eye on the trick, you’ll not find it hard to know how the trick is being played by Pierro. 
It’s all in his right hand. Check as to how he places his hand and then operates the tap and you’ll know it all. But still the illusion and superb and catch it in action below.