Android powered Lumia smartphone may be coming soon

In what may come as a rude shock to the Lumia faithful community, Microsoft may be considering an Android powered Lumia smartphone and it may come sooner than we imagine.


According to highly reliable sources, we can soon expect an Android powered Lumia device which will bear branding of Nokia by Microsoft. Considering Microsoft’s reservations towards the Android platform, we found this report highly unlikely. But then considering the success of the recent Nokia X smartphones in terms of sales figures, Microsoft might as well have to bow to the market pressure.

Android on Lumia devices would mean two things, first an unmatchable PureView camera and second Nokia’s superior build quality and design. Now isn’t that the ideal Android smartphone that could possibly banish the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (with the right hardware obviously). However, this definitely seems to be turn off to the dedicated Lumia users who perceive Windows Phone (with the current improvements) ideal as an identifier of the range.

What are your thoughts on an Android powered Lumia smartphone? Are you for it or against it? Let us know.