Apple bans the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

Apple has been successful in getting Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1’s sales banned in Australia with a preliminary sales injunction. The federal court in Australia has agreed to the fact the Samsung had infringed two patents held up by Apple. Apple had appealed that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has the same design, packing and UI as that of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The court found the claims to be right and has given a verdict by which it has temporarily stopped Samsung from selling its Tab 10.1 in Australia.
Samsung now has to either wait for the next fully fledged trial before it could start selling the 10.1 but that is not going to happen before early 2012 or eventually take a step back and cancel all its plans to sell the tablet in Australia.

Recently Samsung has also opened a pop-up store near Sydney Apple Store, where it is said to be offering its best selling Galaxy S II at $2. Since then, the tension between the two companies has raised to a higher level. There are many more cases filed against both the companies around the world. We can only hope that both the companies sort out their differences and the consumers get the opportunity to use the product they wish to buy, because at the end of the day ‘Consumer is the King’.