Apple gives out iPad Air and more in ‘lucky gift bags’

Apple, innovative like always, has come out with a new promotional strategy in Japan called the Fukubukuro (sounds funny) where it offers up bags of goodies priced at $340 which might contain an iPad Air or other such goodies from Apple. Apple has put in a range of stuff ranging from a Macbook Air to an iPad.


Apple’s promotional strategy has gained mileage in Japan even though cynics amongst us would expect nothing more than an Apple T-shirt in the bag. But if there is a chance that you might get an iPad Air, it is worth taking, right? Other products that came out included the iPad Mini and Nike’s Fuelband SE.

Along with the Fukubukuro, Apple has also put on offer promotional discount, ringing in the holiday season in a fine fashion. It is currently putting out a workshop for kids complete with music, movies and fun.