Apple hits the slump for the first time in more than a decade!

The Apple saga is one of the most popular narratives in the smartphone market – Everyone and their grandmas know how Apple came back from the dead and has been reigning over the smartphone market like anything in the past years. But, it seems, after more than a decade’s reign, Apple isn’t invincible. After losing its crown of being the most valuable mobile company, it seems bad news has started pouring in for Apple – it just hit the slump for the first time in a long period.


According to recent stats, Apple which posted record growth every quarter up till now has just grown 1 per cent in Q3 2013, according to sales posted even though Apple in its usual fashion hails June as the record sales month, it cannot be denied that Apple just grew 0.3 Billion $ in this past quarter, up from last year’s 35.3 Billion $ in sales. Before this Apple had grown at even as high rates as 60 per cent every quarter.

It seems Android and Samsung are getting ready to pick up the baton from Apple, which if it doesn’t get its act together soon is going to be put to the side lines. The only asset for Apple now is to get down to the basics and provide us with something that just jumps at us, like all its products have done at a certain time. See, Apple still has a huge potential for research and development of new phones and tablets amongst it devices since its $146 Billion dollars in its coffers, but the mobile industry is rapidly and getting more competitive day by day and it is not going to be forgiving to  any company that slacks in any arena even a little bit.

After the damp squib that the iPhone 5 turned out to be, we are hoping Apple churns out something new this fall, that has the market screaming with delight, even though the picture looks scary right now.

If you are interested in having a look at the numbers, here’s the link.