Apple iPad Mini and iPad 4 go on sale in India

The day is finally here! For everyone who has been waiting for the iPad Mini to launch in India, the 7.9-inch tablet has finally gone on sale in the subcontinent.


While we are still awaiting an official announcement from Apple, the Apple iPad Mini and the iPad 4 are both now available at authorized Apple resellers and we have confirmed the same with one of them in Chennai.
The pricing of the iPad Mini and the iPad 4 are the same which we shared with you a couple of days back and are as follows:

iPad Mini:
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.21900
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.27900
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.33900
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi+Cellular – Rs.29900
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi+Cellular – Rs.35900
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi+Cellular – Rs.41900

iPad 4:
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.31900
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.37900
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.43900
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi+Cellular – Rs.39900
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi+Cellular – Rs.45900
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi+Cellular – Rs.51900

If in case you are not able to buy the iPad Mini from an authorized reseller in your city, online retailer Saholic has the 16 GB Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+Cellular variants of the iPad Mini in ready stocks for the same prices as above.

So which one are you planning to buy? Do let us know in the comments section below.