Apple iPhone 5 hit by Scuffgate, can easily be scratched and chipped off

It seems to have become a ritual that with every iPhone that is launched lately, there have been some or the other issue. With the iPhone 4, it was the ‘Antennagate’ issue and iPhone 4S owners were plagued with battery life problem.


And now, the iPhone 5 is also in troubled waters. No we are not talking about the iOS 6 Maps App disaster but the anodized aluminium back panel which many users are reporting, can be easily discoloured and starched and the colour can chip off.

This might be because Aluminium is strong yet soft metal and the paint colour could chip off even when your iPhone 5 had a little fall over to the ground. Along with this, many users are reporting that their iPhone 5 arrived with the corners of the device scuffed.
Yes that’s right, straight out-of-the-box. It is indeed heartbreaking for new iPhone 5 owners to find out that their device was scuffed even before they had a chance to even play with it. Initially, it seemed that the issues was limited to the Black version of the iPhone but it seems that the White one is not left behind too.


Truly, so many people reporting about the iPhone 5 arriving with chipped off corners and easy to scratch away back is not good at all. Apple has not said anything officially on this issue but the quality check team did miss out doing their work properly.
We hope that Apple officially announces at least something on this matter and replace all the defective iPhones with new ones.

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