Viber v2.2 for Nokia Lumia smartphones brings HD Voice calling

A few days back, Viber was released for Nokia S40 & Symbian devices and at that time, Viber had announced that they were working exclusively with Nokia and were to bring a completely new version with free HD-quality phone calls to Nokia Lumia smartphones only.


And now, a new version of Viber has arrives with the HD calling feature to Nokia Lumia smartphones.

With the version 2.2 of Viber, Nokia Lumia users can now enjoy making and receiving free VoIP calls in HD (exclusive), send free messages to Viber contacts, Create group chats and Set a profile picture.
Along with the new feature, the version is more polished and there are notable improvements in the interface of the application.
So if you own any of the Nokia Lumia smartphone, then head over to Windows Phone Store and download the 8 MB worth of new Viber app and enjoy making free calls to other Viber users for free.