Apple must publicly state that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad

The long-running and the boring Patent War between Apple and Samsung just got interesting thanks to a UK court’s ruling on July 9.


According to a report from Bloomberg, a judge in Britain has ordered Apple to publicly state that the Samsung did not copy the designs of iPad.

Along with this, the judge has also ordered Apple to post a notice on its website for 6 months and also publish an advertisement in several British newspapers and magazines stating the court order that Samsung did not copy the iPad.
Now this is indeed a great blow to the Cupertino based company who has been targeting Sammy for copying the design of the iPad to make its Galaxy Tab. This move comes after Apple lost a case against Samsung where the judge had ruled that the Galaxy Tab tablets do ‘not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design’ and ‘weren’t cool enough’ to be confused with the iPad.
The patent war just got interesting once again. Now we’ll have to see if Apple really abides by this ruling of the court or again appeals against it.
What do you feel; do the Tabs have similar design as that of the iPad?