Apple now applies patent for iOS face and presence detection

Just day before we saw Apple win a multi-touch patent for its iOS devices and today we hear that the Cupertino based company has applied for a face and presence detection patent with The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This news comes in from Patently Apple, which goes on to state that with this patent, iOS users will be able to unlock their devices by just looking at it.

Apple’s face detection will have a different way in which the device will analyse many features of a person such as the tip of a nose and eyes, user’s mouth, the distances between each of those facial features and the tip of a nose and eyes. All these will be taken into account to determine whether a person is the owner of the iOS device or not.

Earlier we had seen flaws with the face unlock feature on the Android devices, where users could unlock any device by just placing a photo of the person before the device and the Android device unlocked. So to resolve this issue, Apple brings in presence detection into this and thus making the device unlock more genuine and tough for hackers.

As for now, there is no news as to when we could see this technology in action but it is indeed a very interesting one.